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Amana AVPTC – Air Handlers and Coils

Model: AVPTC

  • Energy Efficient Air Handlers

    • Up to 23 SEER
    • All-Aluminum Coil
    • Factory-Mounted Expansion Valve (TXV)
    • SmartFrame™ Sub-Structure

Amana Air Handlers

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Integrated communicating ComfortBridge™ technology

ComfortBridge off-the-wall communicating technology constantly monitors the performance of a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. As ComfortBridge technology gathers data, it uses it to make automatic adjustments, as needed; to use the minimum amount of energy required to create consistent and comfortable indoor heating and cooling.

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors

Variable Speed ECM Blower Motors provide gradual startup and shutdown for quiet, unobtrusive operation with lower energy consumption compared to standard efficiency motors across a wide range of operating speeds. Constant low-speed operation for outstanding filtration and comfort level (models AVPTC and MBVC).


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