Your Air Conditioning Service & Repair Experts

Is it time to service or repair your house air conditioning system? Choice HVAC PA can help you get your air conditioner or heat pump system up and running quickly and keep it that way. All of our service vehicles are fully stocked, allowing us to quickly restore cooling for your air conditioning system.

Nothing is worse than being stuck at home without air conditioning on a hot, humid summer day, whether you live in a single-family home, townhouse, or condo. Give us a call anytime, we are open 24/7 .

Air Conditioning Replacement Services & AC Repairs

Our air conditioning technicians have the training and experience to solve all of your cooling problems:

  • Air Conditioning not working
  • Home not cooling, even when the AC is running
  • The air conditioning system is blowing warm air
  • Less air blows out of the vents
  • Air conditioning is making a loud noise
  • Air conditioning not turning on
  • Air conditioning does not stop running
  • There is inconsistent temperature throughout your home
  • Thermostat does not work properly
  • Maintenance Checks
  • Heat Pumps not working